Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands


Topics of the Circularity in the Built Environment (CiBEn) Conference Include:

CDW Recycling Technologies:

  • Concrete, Asphalt, Wool, Gypsum, Glass and Wood Recycling;
  • Innovations for the Recycling and Recovery of High-Quality Building Materials from C&DW;
  • Smart Dismantling and Demolition Methods & Tools;
  • Engineering Design for Circular Economy in the Built Environment;
  • Sustainable Construction Automation.

Sustainable Construction Materials:

  • Recycled Concrete;
  • Circular Concrete;
  • Recycled Cementitious Materials;
  • Recycled Aggregates;
  • C&DW for Alkali Activated Materials (Geopolymer);
  • Alternative Raw Materials;
  • Bio-Based Materials;
  • Innovative Use of Recycled Building Materials;
  • Performance and Durability of Recycled Building Materials and Recycled Products.

Digitalization & Circularity:

  • Digital Construction;
  • Concrete 3D Printing (C3DP);
  • Material Passports;
  • Smart Construction Materials;
  • Value Creation by Digitalisation;
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Circular Design:

  • Design for Value
  • Sustainable Structural Design;
  • Enabling Circular Product Design and Facilitating the Reuse of Building Materials; 
  • Deconstruction;
  • Transformable and Reversible Building Design.

Circular Management:

  • Resource Efficiency;
  • C&DW Management;
  • Life Cycle Assessment;
  • Life Cycle Costing;
  • Life Cycle Management;
  • Risks & Health Safety in C&DW Management;
  • Development of Circular Economy Business Models;
  • Impacts of the transition to the Circular Economy in the Built Environment.

Social Circular Economy:

  • Measuring the Social Aspects of the Circular Economy in the Built Environment;
  • Social Impact of Circular Economy in the Built Environment;
  • Circular Behaviour in the Built and Environment;
  • Bridging the Circular Economy and Social Enterprise.

Standards, Policy Legislation:

  • Quality Control of Recycled Building Materials from C&DW;
  • Reverse Logistics & Circular Value Chain in Constructions;
  • End of Waste;
  • Circular Policy-making and Procurements.

Circular Design from Product to Cities:

  • Circular Buildings;
  • Cities and Regions;
  • Implementing Circularity in the Built Environment.

Case studies