Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands



Delft is a city that is full of culture, traditions and a network of fantastic canals. Located in the South Holland province, Delft is directly in-between The Hague and Rotterdam, and Zoetermeer is just 15 minutes to the north east. With origins in the 11th century, delft has always had an association with canals and it was developed into a city around the 13th century.

The renowned Dutch leader William of Orange had a residence in Delft and during the 1500’s it was one of the prominent cities in the Netherlands for many years. In modern times, Delft has become well known for its ceramic pottery industry and also has a plethora of historical monuments and stunning architecture such as the city hall and Oostpoort.

The new Church

Translated as the New Church, this wonderful religious structure can be found on the popular and central Markt Square.
Although named the new church, the structure actually dates back to the 1300’s and was completed in 1496. Its main feature is a huge bell tower that stands at a monumental 108.75m high.
Built in a gothic style, the exterior and tower of the church look fantastic and create a real centrepiece for the Markt square opposite the city hall.
Entombed inside the church are a myriad of Dutch royalty including William the Silent and other prices of Orange.
A main attraction of the church is to climb the bell tower for unparalleled views of Delft – From the viewing platform you can see for miles!

Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles

This is the last remaining Delft Blue pottery factory from the 17th century.
Here you can see the art of hand-painting earthenware and watch techniques that have been handed down for hundreds of years.
For an insight into this fascinating world, the Royal Delft Experience is recommended.
During this interesting tour you will learn about the history of Delft pottery, the factory and the craft that is used to create the signature blue and white collections.
There is also a museum, a shop, and a delightful tile workshop where you can learn how to paint a Delft design on your very own 13×13 pottery tile!


This historical museum features a plethora of information and artefacts relating to the Dutch Golden age, together with information about William the Silent and Delft pottery.
Originally a palace for the prince, the Prinsenhof marks the location that he was actually assassinated in 1584 and the bullet holes are still visible.
Now serving as a museum, inside this fine establishment you can find a collection of paintings, including many works from Vermeer.
Furthermore, there is also a permeant exhibition displaying the impact that the citizens of Delft have had on the country, and a detailed look at the life and assassination of William of Orange.
For a slice of local history and an interesting insight into Dutch political figures, the Prinsenhof is a wonderful place to visit.

Delft City Hall

Another fine building located on the fantastic Markt square, the City Hall stands out as a fine piece of architecture.
The front façade of this structure features beautiful stonework, a series of red shuttered windows, many trappings of gold and several impressive stone statues.
Its central tower has a large clock face and the symbol of Delft is proudly displayed above the main entrance.
Although you cannot enter the building as it is used for weddings and ceremonies, it is still a wonderful structure to admire and photograph.
When walking through the Markt square, this building should be high up on your list of sights.


Part of the remaining city defences, the Oostpoort stands proudly as a reminder of the city former military glory during earlier centuries.
Constructed in the 1400’s, this gatehouse was once on of the main entrance points into Delft.
While currently serving as a private residence, you can still admire the fantastic architecture of this building with its two spiral towers and circular turrets.
Accessible by a bridge, the surrounding landscape is simply divine – Canals sit on either side of the gatehouse and it stands out as a beautiful photographic opportunity.

Delft canals

As with many cities in the Netherlands, Delft has a network of canals that is a true pleasure to walk around.
In the old town centre you can find several different inter-joining canals that are lined with beautiful trees and typical Dutch architecture.
Particular pleasant canals include the stretch on the Hippoltusbuurt street with its cafes and quaint bridges, and the stretch on Voldersgracht street where the water comes right up to the doorsteps of the houses! Simply take some time to enjoy walking the lengths of the canals and exploring the streets of Delft.